Heartfelt Condolences

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Hello Will, Joan, Anchi, Nawang, Pemba and Dawa,

Warm greeting from Yangon, Myanmar,

I just got home to day from my visit to Putao looking after construction of the project. It was a shock to learn that Pamba has passed away. I still remember like yesterday of our first (and happened to be the last) meeting some two years ago. Though I never met him when I joined Journeys I was always impressed by his contribution on the setting up of Journeys along with you. He was my hero eversince and I wished to meet and learn things from him. I met Anchi once on my visit to the US at the Webers’ home and another time when I visit them in Kathmandu.

Team of Journeys Myanmar send out heartfelt condolence of this lost and hope that JOURNEYS continue operation in Nepal which should benefit his family and implement Pemba’s thought and tradition which honor his memory and legacy.

Kishan, Vidya and Journeys Myanmar Team

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  1. Mike DIvely

    Hello Will, Joan, Anchi, Nawang, Pemba and Dawa,

    Greeting from Key West, Florida…

    I remember meeting Pemba back in 1982 on my trip to Nepal…I had been to Sri Lanka with Joan and Will a few years before and he had talked about Nepal and this wonderful guide – Pemba. A few years later I traveled there – and what Will said was very true. Pemba’s energy, enthusiasm and good spirit made that trip with my friend Marty a great success!!!

    I can remember camping one night near the Pokura airport – it started to rain at night and I was happily sleeping when I awoke to a noise outside and opened the flap of the tent. There was Pemba and one of the staff digging a trench around our tent – it was only then I realized our tent had about an inch or two of water in it and there was a river of water flowing through it. All one could do was laugh and Pemba and I had a wonderful time the next several days sharing with others the story of the flood in my tent

    In recent years, I have come to learn more about Buddhism and the role of impermanence in our lives. I now practice meditation on a regular basis, and am aware and grateful that my time with Pemba on that trip was one of the gifts given me on my spiritual journey

    may you all be peaceful and serene,